Info and Instructions for the PlayoffComputer app

Purpose and Features

The basic purpose of the app is to take a league's info and remaining schedule to determine which teams have clinched a playoff spot, been eliminated, or are still in contention. Features include:

Terms of Use

The app attempts to have a user's computer or device replicate a super-computer. The number of calculations that must be made to perform its tasks is practically uncountable. The process can take many minutes or even hours, which can place incredible strain on the user's computer or device. Use of the app is strictly "at your own risk".

League Requirements

For the app to function properly, a league must:

Gathering Data

Data Transfer from ESPN FF, MFL, or Yahoo

Data Transfer from the companion Google Sheet

Points Based Leagues (i.e. hockey) Notes

Calculation Options and Final Preparations

Processing Options

Tiebreaker Info


FAQs and Troubleshooting